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Collection of articles where BRAC's leadership has taken the lead as the sole author and/or in collaboration with partners, sharing its knowledge, expertise, and contributions.

Explore a diverse range of thought-provoking articles that highlight BRAC's commitment to positive change, innovation, and sustainable solutions in.


Discover the insights that drive our mission and the collaborations that help us foster business innovation and collaboration.

20 Expert Ways To Craft A Successful Product Expansion Strategy

Expanding a business can be exciting, but doing so successfully requires careful planning and execution. Without the right strategy, the results of expansion efforts can be disappointing at best and detrimental to your business at worst.

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14 Things Every Small Business Leader Should Know About Data Privacy Regulations

Businesses today collect and have access to a wealth of customer information. Given the sensitive nature of this data, it’s important to keep up with data privacy laws and have procedures in place to ensure compliance is maintained and remains a priority.

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