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Decades of professional experience have taught us that a genuinely happy employee is an outstanding contributor. The average employee is undervalued, under appreciated, overworked, and not allowed to bring their authentic selves to work. That is simply unacceptable at BRAC. Employees who are skilled and knowledgable is our baseline, we know that if we bring on an employee it’s because we are trusting them to do their job. What makes us different is that we care about our clients and our team equally. We do not have signs that simply state how we feel about our people…because we know words without action are meaningless. We bring together the best people who are expected to contribute freely, which creates the perfect formula for diversity on all levels. In turn those employees will have exceptional relationships with all of our clients, creating a cycle of great business. BRAC was born to be a different employer, out of a need to bring humanity back into the work place.



RAFAEL ORTIZ - President | CEO

Mr. Ortiz serves as President/CEO of BRAC Consulting Group. He brings possesses more than 20 years of experience providing professional and technical business solutions to a diverse clientele, including civilian and defense Federal Government agencies. 

Having a background in medicine allows him to understand that to have an effective team, each individual needs to be treated as such. The human factor cannot be removed, and embraces diversity/inclusion fully. Thus creating teams with healthy, happy, centered employees that will pay this same energy forward to the client.

His comprehensive knowledge of government contracts, regulations, policies, and procedures has earned his team accolades from multiple clients for their professionalism, flexibility, focus, and management skills.

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